My Grief Angels is an Online Grief Support Organization Providing Resources and Services
For and By People Grieving

My grief angels is a service and mobile App that enables each of us, regardless of where we find ourselves in the world, to see and be with the millions of others who have or are grieving around us.

We learn from their personal experiences and advice on how they cope with their own grief, and specifically, their own personal coping responses to unexpected sudden "Grief Attacks" that most of us grieving experience. 

Grief attacks are something that do not go away with time, but our response to them improves, and My Grief Angels mission is to enlist a mobile village of Angels that will always be there with you when facing a Grief Attack, whether the day of your loss, or 10 years after you loss.  

We almost lost our mother when our third brother was born, and she always told us that she saw the tunnel of light, and my grandmother at the end of the tunnel.  However, Abuela  was waving her arm telling her that it was not time.   Thirty years later we know Abuela was there extending her arm to mom as she enter that tunnel of light. 

Thru My grief angels, all of us still here facing each sunrise without our loved ones, can extend our hands to help bring light to the many entering the tunnel of grief every minute of each day. 


We would greatly appreciate it, if you could take 3 minutes to fill out the online grief  research survey at the link below. Thank You.

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My Grief Angels ("MGA") is a 501 (c) (3) Public Charity, and it is our modest effort at helping others grieving find resources and information on things that we looked for but could not find online.

From "How can Grief impact our Health"

to  "How have others coped with their Grief attacks"

to "How could we turn our Grief into something positive"

to "What Grief resources are available online for people experiencing my type of loss"
to "How can we put our Grief in Motion". 

This interest-based network and mobile app are free. 

The site is dedicated to all the wonderful Grief Angels that came into our lives to help us thru what was and still is - one of the most difficult periods of our lives.

Generous support for this site has been provided by MOOCs University,

Some of you will have stopped reading this a those very words:
"Death and Grieving"

because our culture has taught us to push these concepts away, to avoid the bereaved, to block out awareness of our own mortality, until the death of a loved one finally forces us to face it all with a sudden, painful slap"    


"America's 76 MILLION Baby Boomers 
are losing 4,900 of their Parents each day"  

         "Each year, about 2.5 million people die nationwide
Every Death leaves behind an average of 
4 or 5 grieving survivors"

"3.5 % of children younger than 18 will lose their mother or father, according to the Social Security Administration. 
As people now become parents when they are older, this number is likely to increase."

  "Bond in Grief....At least 10 People are significantly impacted by Each Death of a Service Member in the Military" 

            This site and outreach is for: 

       - the 10+ million people in the US that will               Grief this year; 

       - the 210+ millions that will Grief worldwide
         this year, and 

       - the millions that have been Grieving before us.

Whether you are grieving, or have grieved, you know what "Grief Attacks" are.  You know how sudden they can appear, and how alone we can feel in what is for many of us an excruciating pain that we had never before experienced.

Whether it is walking by an old favorite restaurant; picking up a favorite dish; hearing a song while waiting for coffee, and many others - We have no control over when we will be forced to face them.  For me, they are extremely painful; they take my breath away, and my heart feels like it is breaking into pieces.  I have had them jogging, driving, trying to go to bed, waking up, church, airports, trains, and many others. 

We cannot stop them, and people around us don't quite know how to help us - so the objective of My Grief Angels is to enlist all of us who are grieving and have grieved to be there for each other anywhere, and  anytime for each other when experiencing a grief attack. 

If you are grieving, know you will never be alone in your grief.

If you have grieved, know that you can help others in grief by just sharing your experience, and coping mechanisms for getting thru your grief attacks.

We are not grief counselors, or mental health professionals - We are just people grieving that found the greatest comfort when others who had grieved, shared their very personal experiences on how they each got thru this. 

We are all different, and some of the mechanisms used or suggestions by others on this site may not work for you, but some might, and above all - knowing that there is a village of My Grief Angels with each of us all the time - That is already working for us.

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"Turning Grief into Something Positive:

Our Grief in their Voices" 



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